It is Time to Love Yourself

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It is in the recognition of one’s true self, that you may find the vision and layers beneath

It is in the recognition that all problems and grievances faced, are but lessons within this human experience and not the true essence of your soul. You are the awareness that rises above, you have chosen to play out this way, so that you may see from a new perspective, what truths you can take into the beyond dimensions. As you allow yourself to expand further into the ever luminescent light that you are as you heal from within the whole that is without. 

It is when you recognize that the struggles that you face are not truly struggles, they are messages for the areas in which you are still meant to grow and evolve. To pursue the light within those shadows as you shine brightly upon all that you wish to repress. That is when you allow yourself to be seen for who you truly are. Trust that everything that is, will be

That you’re able to stay true and healthy and nourished throughout. Because you recognize that this vessel is really your temple. You are the Goddess that sits within. It is your for now home, not your forever home. It is important for you to treat your temple with kindness. To realise that your grievances are but illusions and to recognize that the hurt feelings of others are but illusions. What is reflected to you is what you feel and experience within. 

In this time, you’re able to face yourself and truly allow all shadows to come into light and express your grievance in a way that is non-attached. Express your grievance in a way that is something that you are allowed to transmute into a different energy by no longer holding on to this essence as if you were its victim. 

It is time for you to open and expand truly into your light and no longer distract yourself with silly grievances that don’t actually mean anything in the wider spectrum of everything. It is not that I am saying for you to bypass all of your grievances, it is for you to stand in your truth in your light and admit where you could have shown up differently, more supportive with more love and compassion. Because when we show up from that space that is what we receive and it is in recognizing that what you are receiving is not in light because what you are sending is similarly so. It is when you take this radical responsibility that you are able to lead by example and spread the love and light with which you wish to be engulfed. So open your heart to express that which was painful to you and allow it to be transmuted into truth energy. Allow yourself to create and hold space for the truth energy of others as you resonate in reality that all is at one and the same. It is when you open your heart so fully that you allow for space for the hearts of others to open in similar fashion as your hearts are truly one consciousness. It is in the realisation that you are not separate from them. That all of us are interconnected as we come from this one entity and that we all have a role to play. The moment that you recognize that there is a lesson here for you to rise above there is a choice to be made. There’s responsibility to be taken. 

This is where your free will comes in. You’re destined for greatness but it is always your choice whether you will reach it, allow yourself to tune into what is truly important, is it important to be right or is it important to be seen.

If you hope for salvation above all else, you know that it is time to truly look inwards and understand where it is that the shadows have crept up from and allow yourself to transmute and release that stagnant energy into something that is wrapped in truth to allow your vision to spread. Allow your admittance of imperfection to be exactly that, you did not come to this earth to show up perfectly. Express your opinions, your experiences but also hold space for the feelings of others and recognize that this is a part of life. And that just because it is a part of life does not make it a problem, that just makes it an inevitable part of your growth and evolution. You are here because you are me. You are the truth you are the essence, you are the light, you are love, allow yourself to be all that vision is truly and allow yourself to release all that vision is not.

I may stand with you as you may hold your strength from within as I am God and you are gravely loved my dear. It is time you love yourself.

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